Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pocky-chan Name Change

Since no one likes her name ive decided to change it =m=;

I liked Pocky-chan because it was my personas's name but im changin it :C

Her new name is Noa Izumi (ノア泉) (Or Noah Izumi in Canada)

Nao means My love
and Izumi means Spring or Fountain

I hope togather they mean My love Spring

I hope her new name brings happiness to her fans n_n

(Most of her fans dont like her names)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Incase you havn't seen the latest videos!

Pocky-chan's cover of ShowasenGirl
Kimiko's cover of Yuyoyuppes "Hope"
Kaze-sama's Cover of Ur-style
Robotsu's cover of Can't I even dream?
Last but not least two already released voicebanks "Append Soft" and "Append Solid"
Bad Apple!! Pocky Solid and Renai Circulation Pocky Soft

For more covers visit PockySensei @ Youtube n_n!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

UTAU Kaze-sama


Kaze-sama was one of my older UTAUs with a failed voice =,=. I decided to re-record his voice but I currently dont have a mic :C

VoiceBank Information
Normal VB - ACT1 - Downlaod Here
Solid/Rock VB - ACT1 - Download Here
Metal/Evil VB - ACT1 - Download Here

If your wondering "Metal,Rock and Evil arent a type of Appends" I made them up, Some songs require screams like mikus metals songs.
Metal only have A, I, U, E, O, HAH, ARGH, GYA. Screamo support is what I call it xD Its those notes not scream but theres 3 folders, low, normal, and high.

Evil is all the notes in a low evil sound, Not to low so it sounds creppy, just low enough to sound evil.

Rock is all the notes in a melodic low sound. No vibratos but it sound low a melodic, not soft or vivid, It is recomended for songs like love is war. Or songs with bands.

Kaze-sama Is not availible, Please Keep watching for Future Posts.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

UTAU Newcomer Pocky-chan

UTAU coming soon!

Age: 13
 Birthday: May 13
Height: 5''7'
 Weight: 136lbs
Gender: Female
 Bust size(=w=): 34C
Model: Pockyloid
 Type: 0
Head: 2 headphones, Left with antenna
 Eyes: Gold
 Hair: Orange-brown
 Skin: Pale peach color
Clothes: Grey hoodie,under hoodie grey long sleeve shirt with ink "Me!", Black Short-shorts or skinny jeans with metal chain with heart on it.
 Item: Box of Pocky

Pocky-chan is my persona, Ive been meaning to make her into a UTAU but I was busy and Now that I want to my mic broke :C

Information on VB will be posted sooner or later.
VB download

Friday, January 28, 2011

UTAU Kimiko Itoh

Kimiko itoh
Information can be found here -

VB download ~ Can be downloaded here


Sample song!!

I Finally Designed a Pockyloid cover xD Here it looks :3

VoiceBank Informaiton
Normal VB - ACT1 - Download Here
Soft Append - ACT1 - Download HereSolid Append - ACT1 - Download Here
English Support - ACT1 - Download Here
Kimikos voice currently sounds muffled. In most VSQs and USTs
More Info in the near Future, Enjoy Here voice n.n