Sunday, January 30, 2011

UTAU Kaze-sama


Kaze-sama was one of my older UTAUs with a failed voice =,=. I decided to re-record his voice but I currently dont have a mic :C

VoiceBank Information
Normal VB - ACT1 - Downlaod Here
Solid/Rock VB - ACT1 - Download Here
Metal/Evil VB - ACT1 - Download Here

If your wondering "Metal,Rock and Evil arent a type of Appends" I made them up, Some songs require screams like mikus metals songs.
Metal only have A, I, U, E, O, HAH, ARGH, GYA. Screamo support is what I call it xD Its those notes not scream but theres 3 folders, low, normal, and high.

Evil is all the notes in a low evil sound, Not to low so it sounds creppy, just low enough to sound evil.

Rock is all the notes in a melodic low sound. No vibratos but it sound low a melodic, not soft or vivid, It is recomended for songs like love is war. Or songs with bands.

Kaze-sama Is not availible, Please Keep watching for Future Posts.

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